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《Colorful Land》 by Chen Chun-yang’s Oil Painting Solo Exhibition

《Colorful Land》 by Chen Chun-yang’s Oil Painting Solo Exhibition

13 September 2019

《Colorful Land》
by Chen Chun-yang’s Oil Painting Solo Exhibition

Breathing the fragrant atmosphere in the fields, telling the hard work of the farmer’s village, thinking about the childlike play of childhood, full of the deep feelings of the township. 《Colorful land》–Chen Chun-yang’s oil painting solo exhibition, feel very easy in the hot summer day.

Master Chen Chun-yang does not pursue fame and fortune, his personality with tranquil, pragmatic and sincere. He likes simple and leisurely of rural life. He has rich emotions in the countryside. Through deep observation, all grass and trees of the natural scenery of the country and the fields. Everything in life is his source of nutrients and inspiration for his creation. Appreciating his paintings is like seeing a rural history of Taiwan, in which trace of historical,show the folk customs and cultural traditions. Therefore, he have been recognized by the art circle and call him “Village painters”.

Master Chen Chun-yang has followed and learned the master Hou Shoufeng, Zhan Fuyun and Wu Qiupo, and hard to learn to make himself be the diligent apprenticeship. He has been praised by his teachers for his creative skills are more refined. Since 1992, he has traveled to France, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, China and other countries for further study. His brush contains a strong emotion, very colorful, delicate in mind, and unique in style. There are many invited the exhibition continuously and participated in more than 100 creative exhibitions. He won several awards and got the Judges’ list award of international French artist Salon Exhibition. In 2007, he won the bronze medal award of the French artist Salon Exhibition. His achievements have been recognized by the domestic and international art circles.

Master Chen Chun-yang always insists on doing the right thing, insisting on using the color pen to record the native beauty, insisting on using the creation to retain the memory of the early life, and fully revealing his love and identity with the land. Follow the steps of his paintings, like walking around Taiwan’s early rural life, recreating the four seasons, plough in spring, cultivate in summer, harvest in autumn, storage in winter, and revisiting the waterwheel, tie the straw,roast the earthen kiln, fighting the cricket, Irrigat water with the cricket, and holding Pig and many other realistic pictures. From the rural to the city, from the foothills to the harbor, capturing the momentary incitement, the moment of aurora, with his flexible strokes and skillful lines, can show lifelike vitality. That fades in the deep layers of life and gradually fades away will slowly emerge, giving people a sense of happiness that is both familiar and intimate.

The Guiren Cultural Center began to travel to Xinfeng District to hold the ” Action Artist and Museum inter to Community and School ” In 2015. In order to cultivate the artistic conservation of the students, we will cultivate the foundation of culture and pay attention to the educational resources to make the greatest contribution , also they will host the Roving exhibition with Chen Chun-yang’s paintings in 2019. In addition to improving the skills of oil painting and watercolor painting, the younger generation will explore the trajectory of Taiwan’s modern development, understand the early life style, and remember the hard work years of the ancestors. Cherish the achievements of previous efforts.

Taking materials from life and using a brush to tell stories, Chen Chun-yang’s creative solo exhibition is a memory of many people, ancient and beautiful! It also awakens the awareness of local culture care of “close with people, land, and cultural “!

Extension:2019.8.30 (Fri) ~ 9.29 (Sun) at the First Gallery of the Guiren Cultural Center in Tainan.

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