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The brand, Ethio-Kesem

The brand, Ethio-Kesem

30 September 2019

The brand, Ethio-Kesem

Who we are

The brand, Ethio-Kesem (www.ethiokesem.com) was established on 26 August 2018,specializes in luxury scarf items inspired by high-designs and is more  create clothing that is more than just beautiful garments, it strives to build an awe-inspiring relationship between art and fashion. The logo comes from the mirror image of quality of being infinite and endless in strength.

Our scarf is  a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. All are handmade Using different materials such as wool, silk or cotton.When we design it’s like a movie/music/ We think of a story and we design the clothes to go with it.

The fabrics ethio-kesem  usually use “netela” which has beautiful bands of multi-coloured jacquard design on the edges, often with silver or gold metallic threads, called the tibeb. its natural fiber ,we make it a point that it celebrates her sense of identity and honour Ethiopian traditional headwork and motifs with modern.

The colour of design choices, salmon and Orange can be mixed with pink to make peach, it is considered a hopeful colour and a signal of health and happiness. Others are blue, which is symbolize loyalty.
Our future products will be handbags,  jewellery.

Ethio-kesem project

Ethio-kesem  motivated by the aim to inspire the youth to take pride in their uniqueness. What we present  is a collaborative, experimental series of fashion works, we want to concern on the attitude of youth towards fashion trends which means Attitudes serving a value-expressive function (i.e., value-expressive attitudes) help people Communicate their central beliefs, attitudes, and values to others through their possessions And fashionable garments and accessories are such possessions that help people Communicate who, what they are how they are unique. This growing trend of self-awareness for one’s look has influenced every aspect of Generation individual behaviour and is reflected in every sphere starting from social media Platforms to real life purchase decisions.

Who is selamawit mulugeta?

Ethiopian fashion designer, Selamawit mulugeta (born April 8, 1992) in Addis abeba, Ethiopia. She is a founder of ethio-kesem online fashion shop. Professionally working as a fashion designer and also a highway design engineer. Selamawit attend her bachelor degree civil engineering from addis Abeba University in 2015.and studied clothing design at miracle fashion design institute. Her first “kesem” collections  has been selected to represent Ethiopia by African fashion reception 2018 the largest African fashion market showcasing held at UNESCO, Paris and “the observant eyes” collections  showed in Italy ,sanremo international fashion week 2019 and perform perfectly.


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