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The universal elegance of Fabiana Gabellini’s ‘Stardust’ collection

The universal elegance of Fabiana Gabellini’s ‘Stardust’ collection

9 October 2019

The universal elegance of Fabiana Gabellini’s ‘Stardust’ collection
Special guest on the catwalk the actress Antonella Salvucci

 In the creative context of the STARS exhibition, from Street Art to Space Art, at Palazzo Velli Expo, took place the prestigious SpaziAmo event, presented by journalist Barbara Castellani under the artistic direction of Michele Spanò. A special evening during which Fabiana Gabellini, well known for being linked to the world of art, presented her exclusive couture collection of evening gowns, ‘Stardust’, demonstrating that just like the universe is infinite, even the possibilities of fashion to amaze us are endless.
On the catwalk at the historic Roman palace, guests admired tailored dresses that, like in a dream, take us beyond the boundaries of time and space for a glamorous and elegant experience. Precious fabrics and creative flair, with a glance projected towards the immensity of the universe, this is the synthesis of the ‘Stardust’ couture collection by Fabiana Gabellini. Clothes like sculptures, fabrics and embroidery like paintings: everything contributes to recreate, in the rooms of the exhibition, an artistic walk of creations in dark tones like a night sky, illuminated by Swarovski, rhinestones, sequins that evoke stars and heavenly bodies.
The gorgeous Italian actress Antonella Salvucci, well known in Hollywood, was the exceptional Ambassador for Fabiana Gabellini, playing, on the catwalk, one of her wonderful creations. Immediately after the show, the important actress and TV presenter (@antonellasalvucci) has released us an exclusive interview:

Antonella, you started your career as a model and then you became an actress, tell us about your professional background

 “It was always rooted in me the idea of being able to express myself totally, not only as an image but with body and soul thanks to my particular empathic ability to express emotions. Being a model has helped my professional career so much, to become familiar with the camera that from a photographic lens in a short time has turned into a film camera, and also on the film set or on the stage of a theater, have confidence with your body gives you more security on stage, know how to enhance it and have the right stage posture. It wasn’t enough for me to be just a beautiful “wrapper” and with so much sacrifice, so much dedication and acting studies, especially in the Los Angeles film mecca, confronting myself with international acting coaches and actors from all over the world, it was a path of significant growth thanks to which I was able to get permission as an actress in America and I started working for the first projects in the United States.”

 You are well known in Hollywood, you also acted in a famous film by Paolo Sorrentino, how did you live these important experiences?

 “They are all pearls of a path made of extreme passion, determination and my innate positivity, things do not always go the right way but much is based on the ability to turn them into challenges to improve oneself. Sorrentino called me to play a role in “L’Amico di Famiglia”, a young talent who was already announcing himself as a Master at world level and then I am grateful to many directors who have believed in me: from Aurelio Grimaldi to Pupi Avati, to Lamberto Bava and Lina Wertmuller who has a simple and effective way of directing you and I am so happy that there will be, in a short time, her artistic consecration with a Honorary Oscar for Lifetime Achievement.”

Is it true that in the United States they have a totally different perception of cinema than in Italy?

 “I had the good fortune to act in America in a TV series, “Shelter”, and it was a no small commitment, now I understand the meaning of what are commonly referred to as “American cuts”: filming scenes from multiple angles to make each shoot even more dynamic, they are very demanding and we must always give more than necessary but it is a great pleasure for me to see, every time, how much they love our cinema, our authors and our style that inspired them since the times of Fellini, Rossellini and other famous Italian directors.”

 Fashion as well as cinema are two forms of art, tonight you hit the catwalk for Fabiana Gabellini in the context of an exhibition, do you think there are some common points between these two worlds?

 “Certainly fashion and cinema are two worlds that are never parallel but that intersect and influence each other, the one could not exist without the other. If we think about how many films, past or recent, an outfit, a particular costume has made the character memorable, leaving him unforgettable over time. I am honoured to be the Ambassador for Fabiana Gabellini because her style is truly authentic, elegant but without ostentation, for a modern woman, true and up-to-date.”

 What is the style that best represents your personality?

 “I have a very lively personality, I love a style a bit rock but always based on a concept of original elegance and never taken for granted, class and grit that intertwine for an explosive mix.”

The initiative, as well as the ‘Stardust’ collection created specifically for the occasion by Fabiana Gabellini, is a declaration of love to the Universe, to feel us more responsible with our actions and part of something bigger; a way and an opportunity to communicate important cultural, environmental and scientific messages conveying them to the general public through the beauty of an exhibition and the extreme sophistication of a couture collection, for a worldly and glamorous evening between art, science and fashion.


Credits: Ph. ©Daniele Cama Photo




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