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Jenny Shih’s Gallery

22 October 2018

Troduction of Jenny Shih

Jenny Shih, born in TainanTaiwan. In addition to studying and working in Taipei for four years, life has been immersed in many monuments, music and art for more than 50 years. The urban environment with strong humanistic atmosphere has cultivated my artistic literacy and is constantly deep in my heart and budding, even I was busy to make money in my middle age, accidental my friend took me to the studio when I was thirty-eight years old,then I had made every trajectory of art creation. In the process of learning, from Linyi→Sketch→Factuality=Representation→Impression→Abstraction, plane and three-dimensional, the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, with a curiosity, dissatisfaction, and love of art, constantly create new ways and new looks. . I had solo exhibition for 12 times and won 22 awards in 19 years, including 5 international awards. The paintings showed at the London Exhibition Centre ,the Singapore Cultural Bureau and China Xiamen Cultural Industry Fair, my sculpture works〝 Calm gold tree〞 won The Second Place Statuary Award in the 2006 International Public Art Competition, The Far East Group collects and signs premium;, my sculpture works〝successions 〞won The Finalist Statuary of International Olympic Sports and Art Competition respectively in 2008 and my sculpture works〝Navigation 〞 won The Fourth place Statuary award of International Olympic Sports and Art Competition respectively in 2012. I was elected as the 12th chairman of the Nan Yan Fine Arts Association in 2017.

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