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The enchanting Fabiana Gabellini’s Fashion Show

The enchanting Fabiana Gabellini’s Fashion Show

13 September 2019

The enchanting Fabiana Gabellini’s Fashion Show for the event organized
by “Il Boncio” – Pesaro

A group of lovers of arts, literature and science has founded the cultural association “Il Boncio”, created with the aim of organizing and setting up a common space in which to share interests, creativity, well-being, study and beauty, promote and experiment, through an exchange of ideas, reflection and creativity, those cultural values that in their differences welcome and make manifest the common high aspirations of the human being.  It was this neo-renaissance artistic context, in collaboration with FIDAPA BPW Italy, that hosted the exciting fashion show of exclusive creations that Fabiana Gabellini created in collaboration with Italian and international artists, in addition to the Haute Couture gowns from her limited edition collection 2019.

Fabiana Gabellini’s dresses emphasize and enhance every woman through the use of fine materials, handmade workmanship, the richness of decorations, the architectural construction of the custom-made dress, the colors, elegance, femininity, totally customizable style.
The passion for Dance, Music, Theatre are a source of great inspiration for Fabiana Gabellini, who always manages to blend art and fashion in a very balanced way because she is aware that both have the purpose of communicating a message that can be innovative, revolutionary or strictly individual. At the heart of Fabiana Gabellini’s couture collections there is always the concept that ‘the dress makes the monk’ not simply because it dresses her but even more because it distinguishes her revealing her style and personality. It becomes reductive to consider Fabiana Gabellini’s fashion as simple trendy garments because her creations are a combination of art, tradition, innovation, mirror of the society in which we live.
The elegance of her outfits are the synthesis of style, grace and individuality.
Fabiana creates clothes with a particular charm, with finishes and stitching of the past, using noble materials, dedicated to a demanding, refined clientele, who loves an original style, by unmistakable class and great refinement. The outfits, although revisited and reworked in a modern key, are unquestionably Classic-Chic: seductive but, at the same time, easy to wear; a double exercise in style to achieve looks that, like dreams, are evanescent and timeless. An ensemble of garments enriched by the most precious workmanship, by Fabiana Gabellini’s very personal creative interpretation that wants to be the expression of an excellent Made in Italy, which she herself considers a commitment and a privilege, to be worn with pride.

To underline the wonder, the spell that the Art of Fashion, in its aesthetic and anthropological aspect, has always put in place, the show was presented by the philosopher Loris Falconi, multifaceted intellectual known to the public, in Cattolica, for his conferences related to the Myth and his various artistic collaborations.
The event was closed by ADA Danze Antiche, present in the territory since 2005, with the beautiful VENUS bassadanza attributed to Lorenzo il Magnifico. On stage, the dancers: Laura Gallotta, Chiara Gelmetti and Laura Grasso. On the catwalk for Fabiana Gabellini Made to Measure, the models: Cristina Angelini, Sirrah Beltrame, Luna Marchetti and Natalia Sevriuk, accompanied by the music of the pianist and composer Paolo Marzocchi from Pesaro. Among the artists with whom Fabiana Gabellini collaborates two great masters were present: Mauro Drudi and Leonardo Nobili.
The evening ended with a cocktail in the garden. An extraordinary and poetic event during which fashion, art, dance and culture were united in a harmonious way showing all their charm.

Credits: Ph. ©Martina Pedrini – Hair & Make-Up: Angela Bartocci
Press Office LA REVE PR & ADV Ph.


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