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The artist’s pioneer Lin Chih-Hsin’s memoirs ” Jun’s Art Scene “

The artist’s pioneer Lin Chih-Hsin’s memoirs ” Jun’s Art Scene “

9 October 2019

The artist’s pioneer Lin Chih-Hsin’s memoirs
” Jun’s Art Scene “
Sharing creative ideas and life experiences

Teacher Lin Chih-Hsin was born in Guiren, Tainan in 1936. He is an outstanding alumnus of Tainan university. He served as the sixth chairman of the Tainan Fine Arts Research Association, and more than ten sessions art exhibitions, and the Review Committee of the National Printmaking Exhibition. His creation has always been based on the land, with the theme of people in his own growing environment as the theme of his creation, recorded with a knife or a brush, with a deep cultural tension, showing the characteristics of the times, and a unique style. With his lifelong efforts, he expressed and preserved the aesthetics of the early Taiwanese folk culture, witnessed the era with canvas, preserved history with art, and was repeatedly invited to make long-term exhibitions overseas, gaining recognition from the international art scene and letting Taiwanese culture Art forms spread throughout the world.

Due to factors such as the Cold War and US aid, European and American cultures are heavily imported into Taiwan in 1950. Teacher Lin was unlike many other artists who pursued the popular Western style at that time, “Village” got the Judges’ list award of the 3rd International Print Biennial of UK with lively & vivid picture and beautiful style in 1972, International Print Biennial; “Raising Ducks” got the Judges’ list award of the 4rd International Print Biennial of UK and the 2rd International Printmaking Exhibition of Norway in 1974, Other works have been successively in West Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the United States, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, etc. Teacher Lin’s exhibitions have repeatedly attracted attention. Teacher Lin began to invest in a long-form creation In 1982, “Welcoming marry “with length 945 cm, faithfully presenting the customs, costumes and traditional scenes of the early ancestors of Taiwan; these works truly portray and record the fragments of Taiwan’s early life, It except with deep art value ,also an important material for understanding the history of Taiwan’s society and culture.

Teacher Lin’s memoirs, “Jun’s Art Scene”, has been written by essays in the past ten years. It has accumulated more than 190,000 words. After editing, picking up duplicates, and finishing editing then publishing with about 100,000 words. This book is written by Lin Chih-Hsin in a first-person manner, detailing his life experiences such as childhood, lose father and sorrow, struggle for his livelihood in middle-aged. He also recorded his enlightenment experience in art and life. Important decisions and turning points. For example, when Teacher Lin went abroad for the first time in 1973, he went to visit the original works of famous artists such as Monet and Picasso in the Japanese art museum, which brought him great impact and emotion, and he was deeply impressed. The desire to create was aroused, prompting him to decide to stop the sideline business that has already entered the track, and to concentrate on his creation. It is his life that he will be working very hard, it’s a key moment to break through the cause and pursue higher realm in the art field.

In addition to prints and oil paintings, Teacher Lin also good in Sculpture, Cochin Ceramic Art,Ink painting, and Glass. The two important works ” Welcoming Mazu” and “Formosa the beautiful” both are masterpieces that have been completed for a long time. They are the longest prints and oil paintings in the world, setting a world record. In 1995, ” Welcoming Mazu “, Lin has spent 20 years before the creation, stepping through the towns and villages of Taiwan, inspecting the folk activities and performances of various localities, through photographing, recording and sketching, and finally by watermark printing. Presenting the most profound Taiwan. The long scrolls of the masterpiece include the exquisite scenes of the Mazu parade, such as a holy general, Parade Formation, the Niu Lige Formation, the White Cranes Formation, Step on Stilts , etc., which will gradually lose the folk scene , combining artistic and folklore records, it truly shows the vitality of Taiwanese people. Teacher Lin was 80 years old in 2014 and completed a total length of 248 meters in the form of oil paintings. The whole work of Taiwan’s “Formosa the beautiful” in 1950 was depicted in the multi-point perspective of the East. It praised the peaceful era and the magnificent Taiwan. The mountains and rivers demonstrate the power and beauty of the Taiwanese spirit. They are also important documents to witness the contemporary art culture of Tainan. They have irreplaceable publishing significance and value.

Important honors: Excellent teachers of the first national art education special contribution, Golden Jubilee Award of Chinese Painting Society, Literary Medal of Chinese Literature and Art Association, Golden Medal of Chinese Republic of China Printmaking Association, Art Award,19th Wu Sanlian Awards painting , Cambridge, UK, IBC awards outstanding figures in the 21st century in Asia, listed in the 21st century global Who’s Who, the Honorary Citizen of the Tainan Municipal Government, the Tainan Fine Arts Research Association Contribution Award, and the 6th Tainan Culture Award.

Present: a member of Japan’s Japan Exhibition Association; Taiyang Art Association, director of the National Oil Painting Society; Tainan Fine Arts Research Association Review Committee

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